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101 Basketball Rebound. V.III by George Matthew Karl

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By George Matthew Karl

Genuine identify - one hundred and one Basketball Rebounding Drills

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One player assumes a position to receive an outlet pass above the five-second hash mark. The drill is initiated by having the first player in line throw the ball up high on the backborad. That player then attempts to rebound the ball at its maximum height. After rebounding the ball, the player turns to the outside and makes an outlet pass using either a baseball pass or a two-hand, over-the-head pass to the outlet player. The outlet player then throws the ball to the next player in the front of the line.

Their efforts and feedback have helped influence the design and ultimately the selection of the drills included in this book. Page 5 Dedication This book is dedicated to our familieswho motivated us to strive for excellence and reach for new heights. Their love enriches and energizes us. George Karl Terry Stotts Price Johnson Page 7 Preface For the more than three decades that I have been playing and coaching basketball, I have observed countless situations on the court and literally thousands of individuals attempting to play the game to the best of their abilities.

The emphasis for the defenders should be on hustling. Page 83 Drill 66 Two-Ball, Weak Side Wing OBJECTIVE: To practice defensive rebounding techniques and to develop stamina. DESCRIPTION: The drill involves five playersfour on offense (P-1 to P-4) and one on defense (X). The drill begins by having the coach (C) and P-3 pass the ball back and forth until (C) throws a pass to P-4. (X) must deflect the pass to P-4. (C) then takes a second ball (off the floor) and passes it to P-3. (X) quickly moves back out to cover P-3.

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