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101 Delaware Wing-T Drills (The Delaware Wing-T Series) by Harold R. Raymond

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By Harold R. Raymond

One hundred and one drills, prepared by way of place, for constructing the talents and strategies necessary to the Wing-T offense. Thorough causes, diagrams and training tips accompany each one drill. Covers quarterback, working again, offensive line, and finish drills, in addition to agility and pace drills.

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Equipment Needed: Three large blocking dummies. Description: A center and two guards are positioned on a designated line of scrimmage. One dummy is positioned as a linebacker over the center; the others are positioned over the guards. On the coach's signal, the frontside guard pulls away to act as a false key. The center blocks back on the dummy over the backside guard. The backside guard pulls behind the center with a short step, then stays low and tight to the center and turns up through the hole to block the linebacker, placing his head to the attack side.

The back in the middle dives and rolls to his right. The back on the right dives sideways over the middle back and rolls left. The back on the left dives over the second back and rolls to his right. At the end of their roll, the backs regain their feet and repeat this process six or seven times. The drill should be performed at full speed. Page 54 Drill #43: Runner's Gauntlet Objective: To improve ball security. Equipment Needed: Hand shields, footballs. 5 yards wide. The players in the rows are all one yard apart.

Description: Six to eight players form a gauntlet upfield from a designated line of scrimmage. The end runs a 45-degree pattern and catches the ball over his outside shoulder, then tucks the ball away, turns upfield, and runs through the gauntlet as the other players try to dislodge the ball. Players should have the ball secured before entering the gauntlet. Page 61 Drill #49: Sideline Drill Objective: To improve players' ability to catch the ball and remain inbounds. Equipment Needed: Footballs.

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