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A Geography of Consciousness by William Arkle

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By William Arkle

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The idea of matter which is not living in some way, is rejected. It is proposed that the life effort starts at the most ethereal level of creation, descends to the most dense and then returns again to the most ethereal, gathering its harvest as it goes. This is called Involution and Evolution and the harvest is our own fully conscious individuality. The value of the dense level of experience is that it creates for us the greatest opposition and possibility of diversity or uniqueness. Since there are so many units in existence we must assume that only a very small proportion of them are truly Divine Seeds destined for autonomy.

If many of these circuits build up, due to unpleasant things happening to the person or due to some malformation of the bodies, then these circuits can interact between themselves to build an entire false personality front. The real self is unable to break through this and often gives up trying. To the outside world, the false person can appear to be the same as a real self because the real self makes mistakes too, but not automatically. In psychotherapy we must bear this in mind and talk to the real self in a high tone way, in order to entice it back into the bodies and circuits it has given up trying to control.

In this way we do indeed act as though our wrong behaviour was in us at birth, but in fact this is the result of the distorted atmosphere of our way of life combined with the natural weakness of our True Being which has only partly actualised its potentially Divine capacities. Wherever situations of physical experience should have been dealt with by a portion of our harp which does not possess strings, there we must expect to find wrong response and apparent sin. Those who have a relatively full set of strings can fight against the wrong attitudes they are born into and overcome them.

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