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A History of the Jewish Community in Istanbul by Minna Rozen

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By Minna Rozen

This quantity provides the transformation of the Greek-speaking, Romaniot Jewish neighborhood of Byzantine Constantinople into an Ottoman, ethnically diverse immigrant neighborhood, displaying the effect of the Ottoman conquest on cultural and social values. New and present assets light up a society that was once haunted by way of the dislocation and bereavement of the expulsion from Spain yet used to be however materialistic and pleasure-seeking, with funds and pedigree as preferrred values. The society regularly redefined its relationships and limits with its former Iberian global and with the Ottoman non-Jewish international round it. The booklet is critical to the learn of Istanbul, quite its Ottoman Jewish group. The chapters on relatives Formation and Social styles serve relations historians learning the early sleek interval. This moment version includes a number of pages of corrections and additions.

Biographical note
Minna Rozen, Ph.D. (1977) in Jewish heritage, Tel Aviv collage, is a Professor of Jewish background on the college of Haifa, Israel. She has released broadly on social heritage of the Sephardic Diaspora within the Mediterranean basin in Hebrew, English and French, and initiated significant documentation initiatives of Jewish remnants in those regions.
All these attracted to the background of the Ottoman Empire, particularly the historical past of Istanbul and/or the historical past of the Sephardic Diaspora. individuals of this Diaspora world wide and Sephardic genealogists.
'...very concise, lucid, methodic and insightful...This publication is a milestone in old stories of the Jews within the Ottoman Empire.'
Maria Eftymiou, BHMA, 2003.
'...full of element and touching upon each attainable point concerning the existence and occasions of the early Jewish group of Istanbul…'
Sara Nur Yildiz, H-Net experiences within the Humanities & Social Sciences, 2003.
' ...a significant contribution to Jewish and Ottoman social background' Avigdor Levy, overseas magazine of heart East reports, 2004
'...an vital examine that provides a lot perception into the lifetime of Jews in early smooth Istanbul', Marc Baer, magazine of the commercial and Social historical past of the Orient, VOL. XLVII, 2004

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