Advanced Lock Picking Secrets by Steven Hampton

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By Steven Hampton

This complex handbook brings locksmithing into the digital age, with schematic diagrams for moveable digital alternatives to open magnetic key and card locks plus templates for making customized instruments now not to be had at the advertisement marketplace. tips about bettering finger sensitivity, expanding focus strength, developing perform lock bins and extra may help you grasp the artwork and technology of lock opting for.

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The second part of this exercise can be practiced anywhere and as many times as you like. It is called "Disbursement," or the outward flow of accumulated energy. This is done by popping your finger joints in an extended stretching motion. After you have energized your hands, slowly lift your arms up in front of you and really stretch your fingers as if each one were extending out and out. This is a safe and proven way to pop your knuckles to make your hands and fingers strong and flexible. Kung-fu students and teachers have been doing it for centuries and none of them ended up with arthritis or anything like it.

Therefore, I encourage the sincere novice to purchase locks of interest and disassemble them to learn how they operate. Then you will be able to figure out a way to open them. The biggest deterrent to lock picking is the lack of knowledge of a lock's inner functions. With this in mind, you will find that opening locks is just a matter of discovery. In the art of lock picking, as with any fine art, nothing compares with experience through practice. A simple way for you to get that experience is to practice with tumbler padlocks.

Figure 16 is a more sophisticated version that oscillates the electromagnetic field for you. It is quiet and can be made small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. You will still be using a battery pack (two 9-volt transistor batteries, to be exact), but the unit frees up one of your hands while in operation. It is basically a multivibrator circuit, generating a square wave pulse, like a low voltage AC source. DC current comes from the batteries and this circuit converts it to AC for the pick. If you know some basic electronics, you'll find that it is easy to build.

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