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Air Pistol Shooting : a Guide to Pistols and Techniques by John Bezzant

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By John Bezzant

This precious, well-illustrated booklet provides a delicately crafted, step by step programme which teaches the whole beginner air pistol shooter tips to reach a excessive point of marksmanship. the educational starts off with an in depth attention of safeguard tactics, easy pistol craft, diversity development and the kinds of air pistol which are on hand (spring-powered, pneumatic and CO2) and the way they paintings. the writer then Read more...

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11. Before discharging your weapon on the range make a visual examination of the area, both the range itself and the immediate surrounding area, to ensure that it is safe to begin firing. 12. You should always have full control of the muzzle, even when you trip or stumble. When movement or ground conditions mean that a loss of balance can occur be prepared to act to ensure that the muzzle remains pointing in the right direction and at the right things. If your finger is on the trigger at the moment balance is lost, get it quickly off the trigger and onto the side of the trigger guard.

The first rope is 2ft (60cm) and the second 3ft (90cm) from the ground. The lines should be about 6–8in (15–20cm) from the backstop. Paper targets are then pegged between the two lines. In this way targets can be set up without the need for wooden support structures, which, if hit by a BB, could cause a ricochet. I personally prefer to use a pistol that fires pellets as this is a much more sophisticated projectile than a BB, especially when quality match-grade pellets are used. Such pellets are capable of a greater degree of consistency and accuracy, which is why hunters and match shooters use high-quality pellets in their weapons rather than BBs.

That CO2 pistols handle in exactly the same way as the firearms they are modelled upon is borne out by the fact that in countries where the ownership of self-loading firearm pistols is legal and target competitions using such pistols are held, it is common for shooters to practise their technique at home with a CO2-powered version of their firearm pistol; they can then shoot in their garden or garage, where it would obviously not be appropriate to practise with a firearm. These shooters say that the CO2 pistols are so similar to the firearms they copy in weight, dimension and action that – other than recoil – they perform in exactly the same way as the firearm.

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