Alexander the great failure : the collapse of the Macedonian by John D Grainger

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By John D Grainger

Alexander's dying was once now not unpredictable: he suffered repeated wounds in the course of his lifetime, and multiple introduced him close to loss of life; he drank an excessive amount of; he built a fever, within which he persisted to drink an excessive amount of; he believed he was once a god; he passed over his doctor's assistance; he used to be confronted with large difficulties which he deliberate to dodge by means of occurring crusade ... As a last act of irresponsibility, whilst requested to whom Read more...

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Perdikkas was probably only a year or so younger than his dead brother; the youngest of the three sons of Amyntas and Eurydike, Philip, was 13 or 14 in 368, when he was sent to the Thebans as one of Pelopidas’ hostages, so Perdikkas was about 16 in 367. Alexander’s youth had shown that an older head was required. 12 A L E X A N D E R T H E G R E AT F A I L U R E Ptolemy clearly believed, as did Eurydike, that he was the right man for the post. The temptation to rid himself of Perdikkas and take the kingship for himself must have been strong.

It can even be tabulated without too great a distortion of reality, as alternating periods of collapse and royal stability: 10 A L E X A N D E R T H E G R E AT F A I L U R E 1. 497–454: Alexander I’s rule; 2. 454–430: the kingdom breaks up; 3. 430–413: Perdikkas II’s sole rule; 4. 413: a royal bloodbath; 5. 413–399: Archelaos’ rule; 6. 399–391: royal succession dispute; and 7. 391–370: Amyntas III’s rule. The alternation of chaos in the royal household and the subsequent revival of royal rule under the winning candidate was itself thoroughly unsettling.

During the siege Philip received an appeal for help from Krenides, a mining THE SECURITY OF MACED ON, 359–354 bc 31 town about 50 km east of Amphipolis which was threatened by the Thracian king Kersobleptes. 26 Leaving a garrison at Krenides, he returned to finish the siege of Potidaia. When he took the city – and it was Philip’s achievement, no matter the Chalkidikian involvement – he destroyed it, handed over the site to the league, released the Athenian cleruchs, and sold the rest of the inhabitants into slavery:27 he thus conciliated an enemy, bribed a new friend, enriched his treasury and pleased his army, all at once.

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