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American Boys Book of Signs, Signals and Symbols by Daniel Carter Beard

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By Daniel Carter Beard

Иллюстрированная Энциклопедия знаков, сигналов, жестов и символов.

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11O Fig. 110. ) Horseman. , are so well understood by even little children that they can claim no place But here. there are map signs which are most convenient and particularly valuable to explorers, Scouts and cross country hikers, which are unknown to the majority of people and never seen in the conventional books on map-making. As a matter of course most of these signs represent in- animate objects, because animated creatures seldom remain in one place long enough to be put on the map except in a general way telling that such and such aminals frequent particular spots; but a spring, a well and a house properly belong on topographical maps, that is on maps of land as viewed from an aeroplane.

83. Talk. 83 TALK nian with double mouth; talking. it figure of lines issuing of a tells the Among from talk or of Dakotas, is represented whooping-cough with a single line issuing from the mouth. ) SHOUT" Rude figure Fig. 84. Shout. of a man with three heavy lines issuing from shouting, mouth means a hallooing and shout, yelling. ) OO OL^T 60NG- r I y*\^* Fig. 85. Song. singing or melody. | Fig. 86. In. ) letter C turned backwards when marked on the door means that the owner is in. ) the magic writing called Malachim.

However, it might be appropriate to include a large bunch of grass suspended from a pole or some prominent place as a danger sign, here in America. 59 A CALL FOR JltLF Fig. 59. The United States flag used to designate the condition of the garrison, fort, ship or camp. In times of dire distress, the flag is is run part way up the mast or staff with the Union Jack upside down. Whenever this is seen it is an appeal for assistance, telling one that the people in camp, or aboard the ship, are in dire need of help.

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