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An Outline of Set Theory by James M. Henle

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By James M. Henle

This e-book is designed to be used in a one semester problem-oriented path in undergraduate set thought. the mix of point and layout is slightly strange and merits a proof. mostly, challenge classes are provided to graduate scholars or chosen undergraduates. i've got came across, besides the fact that, that the adventure is both helpful to dull arithmetic majors. i exploit a up to date amendment of R. L. Moore's well-known approach constructed lately by means of D. W. Cohen [1]. in short, during this new method, tasks are assigned to teams of scholars each one week. With the entire valuable the aid of the teacher, the teams entire their initiatives, rigorously write a quick paper for his or her classmates, after which, within the unmarried weekly classification assembly, lecture on their effects. whereas the em­ phasis is at the pupil, the teacher is out there at each level to guarantee good fortune within the learn, to provide an explanation for and critique mathematical prose, and to educate the teams in transparent mathematical presentation. the subject material of set concept is notably applicable to this type of path. for a lot of the e-book the gadgets of analysis are primary and whereas the theorems are major and infrequently deep, it's the equipment and ideas which are most vital. the need of rea­ soning approximately numbers and units forces scholars to return to grips with the character of facts, good judgment, and arithmetic. of their study they event an analogous dilemmas and uncertainties that confronted the pio­ neers.

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Show that f PROJECT f D is a definable subset of f. # 6. 12. Use Comprehension. 13. Suppose that [ah n [bh =1= 0. Show first that aRb. Remember that to prove two sets x and y equal, you should show: (i) that every member of x is also a member of y, and (ii) that every member of y is also a member of x. 14. Use Comprehension. CHAPTER 2 The Natural Numbers PROJECT # 7. 2. Suppose a and b both satisfy the Axiom oflnfinity. Apply Regularity to the set (a\b) U(b\a). 3. 5 (e) Apply regularity to N\A.

Theorem (Kurt Godel, 1936). It is impossible to disprove either CHorGCH. 23. Theorem (Paul Cohen, 1963). It is impossible to prove either CHorGCH. CHAPTER 8 The Universe -listen:there's a hell of a good universe next door;let's go E. E. Cummings We now explore some pure set theory, examining the structure of the universe of sets. A crucial concept will be that of a set which in itself is a universe of sets, that is, all the axioms of ZF are true about the members of this set. Definition. } for all limit ordinals A..

When added to ZF, the resulting system is called ZFC. Early in the history of set theory, there were attempts to prove (or disprove) AC from ZF. These attempts failed in a very spectacular way. 7. 11. Theorem (Kurt Godel, 1936). It is impossible to disprove AC. 12. Theorem (Paul Cohen, 1963). It is impossible to prove AC. These two theorems are startling, to say the least. Mathematicians had been prepared for something of the sort by Godel's first Incompleteness Theorem (1931) in which he showed that for any consistent set of statements which had certain common characteristics there were statements that could neither be proved nor disproved.

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