Annie and the Outlaw: The Wild West (Silhouette Sensation) by Sharon Sala

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By Sharon Sala

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She waved her hand up and down his frame as lights danced in her eyes. "An angel in devil's clothing … that's what you are. " His heart skipped a beat. Angel? She thinks I'm an angel? This time it was Gabriel who grinned. Oh lady, if you only knew. Annie thought back to the past half hour and knew that her troubles were only momentarily solved. When tomorrow came, it would be more of the same from Damon and his gang. And then she had a sudden and shocking thought. She focused on his heart-stopping smile and ignored the warning her brain was sending.

Of course he would stay. But she didn't understand why. She couldn't. Leaving someone in trouble wasn't part of the deal he'd made with God. " he asked. A faint flush painted her cheeks a rosy hue as she led the way down the small hall. " She opened the door and stepped aside as he moved through the doorway Annie watched as he dropped his duffel bag by the bed and silently assessed the pink comforter draped across it. "Sorry about all the stuffed animals. I've had them for years. Just toss them on the floor, out of your way.

Yeah, man. I know what you mean, she is pretty. " The young man nodded and shrugged, then grinned and sat back down. A sprinkling of soft laughter flowed from one end of the room to the other, setting the mood for the rest of the class. Finally the bell rang for classes to change and the students left. It was obvious from the quick, sideways glances Gabe got, and the near-silent manner in which the newcomers took their seats, that word had spread swiftly in the halls of the high school. and the teachers drifted through the halls on their way to lunch, Annie O'Brien returned the favor by staring down any whispered comments about Gabe's presence and quietly introducing him to what he assumed were some of her friends and co-workers.

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