Antisemitism Its History And Causes by Bernard Lazare

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By Bernard Lazare

Bernard Lazare's debatable magnum opus, initially released in France in 1894, asks why the Jews have aroused such hatred for 3 thousand years. The journalist, although severed from his Jewish upbringing, was once fiercely dedicated to social justice and will no longer forget about a stunning antisemitism within the fin-de-siècle circles he knew. In seek mg for its old motives, he was once additionally looking for his personal roots and position on this planet. As biographer Nelly Wilsonhas famous, younger Lazare used to be "constantly engaged in a discussion with himself" while he wrote Antisemitism, Its heritage and Causes.
Lazare starts his "impartial examine" by way of contemplating no matter what within the Jewish personality could be accountable for antisemitism. Then he seems to be outward to these countries between which the Israelites dispersed, interpreting different faces of antisemitism from Greco-Roman antiquity to the tip of the 19th century. Lazare brings his learn and examine to undergo on no matter what shape antisemitism has taken: ethnic, nationalist, fiscal, social, literary, philosophical. spotting that antisemitism is essentially in line with worry of the stranger and the necessity for a scapegoat, Lazare concludes with a shocking situation for the longer term. This amazing publication conveys Lazare's personal religious development. France's Dreyfus Affair within the Nineties could provoke him to a passionate conflict opposed to antisemitism.

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Under the reign of Phocas the Jews of Antioch, tired of persecutions, outrages and massacres, one day rushed upon the Christians, assassinated the patriarch Anastasius the Sinaite, and took possession of the city. Phocas sent against them an army with Kotys in Command, the Jews at first repelled the imperial legions, but unable to hold out against large enforcements brought to Antioch, they were subdued and massacred, maimed, or banished. Their submission, however, was merely apparent; they were awaiting an opportunity to renew the struggle; the opportunity soon presented [48] itself.

If they 44 examined impartially the Judaic codes and precepts only, they would acknow[59]ledge that legislation and morals prescribed never to charge interest on debts. (59) Taking all in all, the Jews were, in Palestine, the least mercantile of the Semites, in this regard much inferior to the Phoenicians and Carthaginians. It was only under Solomon that they entered into intercourse with the other nations. Even at that time, it was a powerful corporation of Phoenicians that was engaged in the banking business at Jerusalem.

Violent sermons were preached in the synagogues. , against Rome, the Rome of the Caesars which had become the Rome of Jesus, and which was now ravishing the faith of the Jews after having ravished their nationality. They did not content themselves with rhetorical commonplaces, they excited their brethren to revolt. While Gallus, Constantius's nephew, governed the Oriental provinces, Isaac of Sepphoris raised the Judeans, being aided in his undertaking by a fearless man, Natrona, whom the Romans called Patricius.

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