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Applied Finite Mathematics by Howard Anton and Bernard Kolman (Auth.)

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By Howard Anton and Bernard Kolman (Auth.)

Lifelike and suitable purposes from numerous disciplines aid encourage company and social technology scholars taking a finite arithmetic direction. a versatile enterprise permits teachers to tailor the booklet to their path

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The real number corresponding to a point on the real line is called the coordinate of the point. 25, and π. It is evident from the way in which real numbers and points on the real line are related that each real number corresponds to a single point and each point corresponds to a single real number. This is sometimes described by stating that the set of real numbers and the set of points on the real line are in one-to-one correspondence. 25 μ· 1 1 2 7Γ \* 3 1—*- 4 2 . 3 correspondence with ordered pairs of real numbers by utilizing two real number lines.

Imagine a particle moving rightward along a line L from a point Pi(x h y{) to a point P 2 (%, 2/2). 11, the particle moves y2 — V\ units in the y direction as it travels x2 — X\ units in the x direction. From (1) these quantities are related by 2/2 - y\ = m(x2 - zi), (2) where m is the slope of the line. Equation (2) states that the movement in the y direction is proportional to the movement in the x direction and the slope m is the constant of proportionality. For this reason, m is said to measure the rate at which y changes with x along the line L.

Solution From the given information, we have m = 3 and b = — 2. Substituting these values in Equation (3) yields y = Sx - 2. Example 12 Find the slope of the line y = 7x + 8. Solution This is the slope-intercept form of a line with m = 7 and 6 = 8 (see Equation (3)). Thus the line has slope m — 7 and intersects the y axis at the point (0, 8). Example 13 Find the slope-intercept form of the line passing through the points Pi(5, 3) a n d P 2 ( 2 , 7).

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