Association for Jewish studies 1998- 23(1) by Nelson, M

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By Nelson, M

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Ladino Rabbinic Literature and Ottoman Sephardic Culture

During this pathbreaking ebook, Matthias B. Lehmann explores Ottoman Sephardic tradition in an period of switch via a detailed learn of popularized rabbinic texts written in Ladino, the vernacular language of the Ottoman Jews. This vernacular literature, status on the crossroads of rabbinic elite and well known cultures and of Hebrew and Ladino discourses, sheds precious gentle at the modernization of Sephardic Jewry within the japanese Mediterranean within the nineteenth century.

Music in the Holocaust: confronting life in the Nazi ghettos and camps

In track within the Holocaust Shirli Gilbert offers the 1st large-scale, severe account in English of the position of track among groups imprisoned lower than Nazism. She files a large scope of musical actions, starting from orchestras and chamber teams to choirs, theatres, communal sing-songs, and cabarets, in probably the most vital internment centres in Nazi-occupied Europe, together with Auschwitz and the Warsaw and Vilna ghettos.

Sukkot Treasure Hunt

Sukkot Treasure Hunt

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Introduces the Jewish competition of lighting, or Hanukkah, concerning the tale at the back of the vacation and the way it's celebrated.

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Herzl Shmueli, "Higgayonbekhinnor":Betrachtungenzum Leierspieldes Jehuda ... Moscato(Tel-Aviv:Neografika,1953). For messianicechoes in LeonModena'streatment of artmusic,see below. 61. "Nonpossonotoccar,ne maneggiarcosa di peso, ne instrumentid'arti... 7),p. 57. 62. Al fin del che gettanodel vino per terra,per segno d'allegrezza,et alcuniusano dir qualchecanto,o verso augurandosipurfelicitA,e buonasortequellasettimana.. " (ibid. 25],p. 63). 63. " (ibid. 4],pp. 85-86). 64. See, for example,Jefim Schirmann,"Hat-te'atron we-ham-musiqabi-sh'khunothayyehudimbe-'Italya"["Theaterand Music in JewishCommunitiesin Italy"],Zion 29 (1964): 61-111 (reprintedin theauthor'scollectedwritings,Mehqarimu-massot["Studiesin theHistory of HebrewPoetryandDrama"],2 vols.

9. Modena's forewordto SalamoneRossi's "Songs of Solomon"(Venice: Pietro and r Lorenzo Bragadini,1622-23, from prefatorymatteron fols. 1-6v): i 3'1 nrlp TK,, a'•Tm authordrawson the Song of Songs 1:17 ("-,n•i atfl iK•n•t nallp,,),Esther3:8 on the of(anr,. and 2:6 Isa. playing double-meaning li), ~'tm,), rmaip ("lp'v ar~•ln "Ilan 11. "'l andIp,,on(sufficed/werecontent). tim, in Gregorianhymns). Still, the text, in readingsof prayersandbiblicalportions,was largelyrecited,while music served,in one or anotherform,for its reinforcement.

Manyrecentwritershavegoneto soulsto [acknowledge] its in greatlengths relating perfection.

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