Association for Jewish studies 1998- 23(2) by Nelson, M

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By Nelson, M

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Shimeon's wife in Pesiqta de-Rav Kahane. IN BABYLONIAN AGGADA THENASIAS SCHOLAR 185 patriarch,conflict so severe that it leads to an attemptto depose him. The conflictis initiatedby thepatriarchhimself,who feels his authoritythreatened But, while the issue by the equalrespectshownto him andhis subordinates. in the BT is R. Shimeonb. Gamaliel'sconcernfor his own authorityandR. Meir'sconcernfor his honor,what is crucialfor ourpurposesis the manner R. R. Jacobb. Qarshiand R. Shimeonb. Gamalielhimselfworkto ensurethatsuchpublichumiliationnot takeplace, and,while it is not clearthatthey feardepositionas a possibleoutcome,it is clearthatthey concurwith the expectationthatthe patriarchmustbe a great scholar.

7D10 . 329 081K3. n 1"3 -ipnn- tm -m-9-m-9 146"nn? zvqp n2y39 9i m 2"bim? 3 1V n 9-9ln my 1& 38 ? "tj-. 7-. t:-q5 37-l "p"D? j 7-. mwm . HAREL YARON p ? i1 '"E) [l]'w [Donin] . i l1ns 11n 3 lI n•S"K b 'E1M) 'T'l1 . lt- tWID? 40 . 41 "Into Life"??! Franz Rosenzweig and the Figure of Death Author(s): Zachary Braiterman Source: AJS Review, Vol. 23, No. 2 (1998), pp. org/stable/1486906 . Accessed: 15/07/2011 10:45 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use, available at .

R. Yochanansaid: This mishna was taught in the days of R. Shimeonb. R. Shimeonb. Gamalielwas the nasi, R. Meir was the hakham, R. Nathanwas the 'av bet din. When R. Shimeonb. Gamalielwas there, everyonewould standup beforehim. WhenR. MeirandR. R. Shimeonb. "He fixed this mishna. Thatday R. Meir and R. On the next day,when they came, they saw that they did not standup before them as usual. "They said to them:"So R. Shimeonb. " R. Meir said to R. " R. Jacob b. Qarshiheard them. "He went and sat behindthe loft of R.

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