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Badminton handbook: training - tactics - competition by Bernd-Volker Brahms

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By Bernd-Volker Brahms

This booklet is a compact, groundbreaking education guide that provides the reader an total perception into the area of badminton. it's divided into elements. the 1st half offers with education idea whereas the second one includes history information regarding the game and its stars, therefore giving the reader an total perception into the realm of badminton.--back cover.

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The attacking clear is hit fast and low, while the defensive clear is hit high. An experienced player should be able to hit from his own back boundary line to the opponent’s. A Fig. 33: Clear, smash, drop prerequisite for an efficient hit is that it should be hit as high as possible and in front of the body. The overhand clear is the most important shot in badminton, as other basic shots (smash, drop) can be derived from its backswing action, (see Fig. 33 # 1-6). The opponent only realizes at the last minute which shot is going to be played.

Drill 5: Short process: player A plays a short serve, player B plays a short return which player A must then “kill”. Tip: In each hitting drill, at the start of a new rally, stop, think, take one deep breath, look at your partner and only then go ahead and serve. Many beginners tend to hit the shuttlecock to the opponent straight away after picking it up. 2009 10:29 Uhr Seite 40 8 Fig. 32: The Estonian Kati Talmoff playing a jump shot from the back boundary line. 2009 10:29 Uhr Seite 41 THE CLEAR 8 The Clear (Baseline Shot) In the clear, the shuttlecock is hit right to the opponent’s back boundary line, and there are two types, the attacking and the defensive clear.

59 #1) is hit to the opponent’s back boundary line. • increase acceleration by placing the thumb behind the handle. • in the drop (Fig. 59 #2), the hitting arm slows down shortly before the shot is played. • in the smash, there is a full forearm twist and the shuttle is forced down with full acceleration. In the defensive backhand from the center of the court . . • the player stands about 1 yard behind the center line. • the player stands with the knees slightly bent and the feet shoulder-width apart.

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