Business mathematics by Michael Sentlowitz

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By Michael Sentlowitz

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15. 20. If she worked 35 hours, find her hourly rate of pay. 16. bank is asked to cash a check for $770. The customer asks the teller for three ten dollar bills and the remainder in twenty dollar bills. Find the number of twenty dollar bills the customer receives. A In exercises 17. 327 + 10 19. 09 + 21. 4 + 23. 300 17 through 24, find each quotient mentally. 18. 8 + 1,000 20. 01 22. 001 + 24. 1 41 • • OPERATIONS WITH WHOLE NUMBERS AND DECIMALS 1 . 7 Order of Operations When an arithmetic problem involves more than one operation we have to establish a procedure regarding the order in which the operations are per­ formed.

Find the amount of increase. 10. John Trask's scholarship includes a $ 1 50 credit at the college bookstore. 50, $2 1 . 50 and $23. 78. After these purchases, how much of the $ 1 50 credit remains? 25 • • OPERATIONS WITH WHOLE NUMBERS AND DECIMALS 1 1. A gas tank at Smith's Gas Station has a capacity of 1 ,000 gallons. The station just received a delivery and the tank is filled to capacity. 3 gallons. After the tenth customer purchase, how many gallons remain in the tank? 12. Complete the following receipt form if the account total is NO.

Round each extension amount to the nearest cent. CUSTO M E R 'S O R D E R NO. NAME R"-th A D D R ESS SOLD BY M. K. D. CHARGE ON ACCT. DESCRIPTION PRICE lbs. 21 lbs. Sliced Ham PA I D OUT AMOUNT 47q lb. I. Oto lbs. Sliced Che e s� llS lbs, R:J tato Sa lad MDSE. RET'D 38'1 lb. 3. 25 lh. aH ltJ. 12. 75 per share 30 shares of IBM at $163 per share Find the total cost of the four purchases. In exercises 13 through 18, approximate each product mentally by rounding each number to one nonzero digit. 14.

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