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C# 4.0 Pocket Reference: Instant Help for C# 4.0 Programmers by Ben Albahari, Joseph Albahari

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By Ben Albahari, Joseph Albahari

When you are programming C# 4.0 and wish a bit support, this tightly concentrated and functional publication tells you precisely what you want to be aware of -- with out lengthy introductions or bloated examples. it is excellent as a succinct quickly reference or as a advisor to get you quickly up to the mark when you already comprehend Java, C++, or an prior model of C#.

Written through the authors of the acclaimed C# 4.0 in a Nutshell (O’Reilly), this ebook covers the complete C# 4.0 language -- with no skimping at the information -- together with:

  • Features new to C# 4.0, equivalent to dynamic binding, non-compulsory and named parameters, and sort parameter variance
  • All of C#'s basics
  • Advanced issues, together with operator overloading, customized conversions, kind constraints, covariance and contravariance, lambda expressions and closures, iterators, nullable varieties, and operator lifting
  • LINQ, beginning with sequences, lazy execution, and conventional question operators; completing with a whole connection with question expressions
  • Unsafe code and tips, customized attributes, preprocessor directives, and XML documentation

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A string literal is specified inside double quotes: string a = "Heat"; NOTE string is a reference type, rather than a value type. cs"; To avoid this problem, C# allows verbatim string literals. A verbatim string literal is prefixed with @ and does not support escape sequences. cs"; A verbatim string literal can also span multiple lines. You can include the double quote character in a verbatim literal by writing it twice. Strings and Characters | 29 String concatenation The + operator concatenates two strings: string s = "a" + "b"; The righthand operand may be a non-string value, in which case ToString is called on that value.

An Index OutOfRangeException is thrown if you use an invalid index: vowels[5] = 'y'; // Runtime error The Length property of an array returns the number of elements in the array. Once an array has been created, its length cannot be changed. Collection namespace and subnamespaces provide higher-level data structures, such as dynamically sized arrays and dictionaries. Array class, which defines common methods and properties for all arrays. This includes instance properties such as Length and Rank, and static methods to: • Dynamically create an array (CreateInstance) • Get and set elements regardless of the array type (Get Value/SetValue) • Search a sorted array (BinarySearch) or an unsorted array (IndexOf, LastIndexOf, Find, FindIndex, FindLastIndex) • Sort an array (Sort) • Copy an array (Copy) Default Element Initialization Creating an array always pre-initializes the elements with default values.

You cannot declare another local variable with the same name in the current block or in any nested blocks. Expression Statements Expression statements are expressions that are also valid statements. Length; // Illegal statement: does nothing! When you call a constructor or a method that returns a value, you’re not obliged to use the result. Equals (y); // Legal, but useless // Legal, but useless Selection Statements Selection statements conditionally control the flow of program execution. The if statement An if statement executes a body of code depending on whether a bool expression is true.

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