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Character Theory of Finite Groups by I. Martin Isaacs

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By I. Martin Isaacs

First-class textual content methods characters through jewelry (or algebras). as well as recommendations for utilising characters to "pure" crew concept, a lot of the booklet makes a speciality of houses of the characters themselves and the way those homes replicate and are mirrored within the constitution of the crowd. difficulties keep on with each one bankruptcy. Prerequisite a first-year graduate algebra direction. "A excitement to read."—American Mathematical Society. 1976 variation.

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The contents of this booklet were used in classes given by way of the writer. the 1st was once a one-semester path for seniors on the collage of British Columbia; it was once transparent that reliable undergraduates have been completely able to dealing with undemanding workforce conception and its software to easy quantum chemical difficulties.

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BEG This forces ~ ( 1I ) 1 which contradicts the hypothesis. I The next topic we shall discuss does not, strictly speaking, depend on algebraic integers. Nevertheless it seems appropriate to include it here. Let G and H be finite groups and suppose C[G] E C [ H ] , where this is a @-algebraisomorphism. What can we infer about the relationship between G and H ? Clearly, [GI= IHJ and there exists a degree-preserving one-to-one correspondence between Irr(G) and Irr(H). We cannot conclude, however, that G and H are isomorphic or even that they have identical character tables.

Show that ~(1)'= IG: Z(G)l for every nonlinear x E Irr(G). 14) Let H E G' n Z(G) be cyclic of order n and let m be the maximum of the orders of the elements of G / H . Assume that n is a prime power and show that I G I 2 n'm. Hints Choose x ~ I r r ( G )with H n ker x = 1. 3). We have xH = x(1)p with p E Irr(H). Using A and p, show that ~ ( 12 ) n. 9(b). 4. 15) Let that x E Irr(G) be faithful and suppose H E G and xH E Irr(H). Show CG(H)= Z(G). 16) Let H E G and let x be a (possibly reducible) character of G which vanishes on G - H.

3 Characters and integrality One of the most celebrated applications of character theory to pure group theory is Burnside's theorem which asserts that a group with order divisible by at most two primes is solvable. The proof of this theorem (and much of the rest of character theory) depends on properties of algebraic integers. We begin by establishing some of the mod basic of these properties. 1) DEFINITION An algebraic integer is a complex number which is a root of a polynomial of the form x" + a,+X"-' + .

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