City of Ruins: Mourning the Destruction of Jerusalem Through by Dereck Daschke

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By Dereck Daschke

This psychoanalytic learn reads Jewish apocalypses as texts of mourning for the destruction of Jerusalem, arguing that the seers' stories of aggravating loss, then visions of therapeutic and restoration, all paintings to accomplish the apocalyptic remedy for historic J

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The unifying feature of the Zion Apocalypses, the theme of loss and mourning, is in fact quite overt and distinctive in the depiction of the apocalypticians. Hence the three entry points into Biblical psychological criticism that Kille presents are evinced in an amplified and deeply integrated way in these texts and other apocalypses. But one might still ask, why Freud? 4 It has become an article of faith in modern thought that Freud’s originative views on women, the incest fantasy, the death instinct, the influence of childhood on adult behavior, and religion, not least of all, consign the entire psychoanalytic edifice to the dustbin of history or, at the very least, departments of cultural studies (whichever is worse to its critics, I suppose).

16 A brief passage from Michael Fishbane on prophetic/eschatological interpretation (pesher) of scripture in the Qumran library suggests the relationship between apocalyptic and psychoanalytic interpretation. He states, [T]he sectarians believed that the ‘hidden things’ constituted a new revelation of interpretations of the Law. . It was thus not the ‘revealed’ things alone which had authority over sectarian practice, but the ancient 13 See Ricoeur, Freud, 91–92. For a caution, however, against conflating texts’ authors with their depiction of the apocalyptic seers, see Martha Himmelfarb, Ascent to Heaven in Jewish and Christian Apocalypses (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993), 105–6.

Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), SE 4: 121 n. 1. Homans, Ability, 4–6. “if i forget you, o jerusalem” 27 strikingly well upon that of ancient apocalypse. The impact of the loss of Zion on apocalyptic scriptures will be reflected in the ways they play with history and its remembrance, the reimagining of basic Jewish principles in light of the geographical and social settings (Exile, Palestine, or Diaspora) in which authors likely produced them, the vision of the future articulated in the end, and the emotional arc of the seer’s story itself.

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