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Class Structure in the Social Consciousness by Stanislaw Ossowski, Sheila Patterson

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By Stanislaw Ossowski, Sheila Patterson

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In the United States one must look elsewhere for the dichotomic aspect of the social structure. One must look to the relation between the Negro and the white population. 2 During periods of class struggle, the tendency to conceive the existing system in terms of a dichotomic scheme and to overlook intermediate positions between the contending groups becomes an important propaganda factor for those whose strategy is best suited by the stressing of a single front line. In 1789 it was desirable to cement together all the classes within the French third estate for the fight against the aristocracy and the an& rhgime.

1 Cf. Th Epistle of James, II, 2-4. ‘1 These changes were more than changes of perspective. Over a period of several centuries changes had occurred in social reality which altered the arrangement of human relationships. St. John Chrysostom even made it quite clear that he was referring to the poor and not to the slaves, since there were no longer any slaves in the Christian community. a Correlativ Classes In our examination of the tendency throughout cultural history to conceive the system of human relationships in various complex societies in dichotomic terms, we must make the two following differentiations.

We are of course familiar with the dichotomic conception of social structure whose supporters - the avant garde of the bourgeoisie of the first half of the nineteenth century - attempted to destroy this connexion, while at the same time taking the third relation I have noted as the basis of their dichotomy. This is the postulated division drawn by Saint-Simon between the working class or classes and the idle class, or between the class of producers and the class of consumers who produce nothing.

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