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Coaching High School Basketball by Bill Kuchar

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By Bill Kuchar

From a 40-year veteran, the single publication to be had dedicated to training highschool basketball

In Coaching highschool Basketball, corridor of Famer invoice Kuchar provides an fundamental handbook for knowledgeable and rookie coaches alike. a mixture of vintage strategies and new, state-of-the-art suggestions, this one of a kind guide presents easyto- learn diagrams and directions, plus dozens of perform drills to enhance basics and train leading edge strikes. Readers will learn the way to:

  • Master Kuchar's "double movement offense"
  • Locate, defend, and infiltrate zones
  • Defend opposed to the quick holiday
  • Use last-second performs for while the sport is at the line
  • Make the main of out-of-bounds performs
  • Scout and review junior highschool expertise
  • Get university coaches to scout their video games

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