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Coaching the Princeton Offense by Chris Endres

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By Chris Endres

Training the Princeton Offense is a book/DVD package deal that covers every little thing a trainer would have to understand with a purpose to enforce this offense together with his crew. The Princeton offense teaches basketball gamers easy methods to play opposed to any man-to-man safeguard. This offense is hard to scout and is especially useful to highschool groups who could lack a step of quickness or an inch of peak opposed to their competitors. This book/DVD package deal takes a glance at this refined offensive scheme and breaks it down in a masterful manner by utilizing uncomplicated terminology and well-thought-out court docket diagrams.

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Diagram 3-19 Diagram 3-20 Once the basketball enters the wing’s hands, the side post player will set a back screen for the guard to shuffle cut for a lay-up or a post-up opportunity if he feels that he has the advantage inside against his defender. This shuffle cut can be over the top of the post player or around the post player. The cut begins with the two-step dip away from the direction the guard player intends to cut. The passer, screener, and cutter key on the position of the guard’s defender just as they did in the original shuffle cut explained earlier.

Diagram 2-8 Diagram 2-9 Diagram 2-10 An additional option is for the wing who catches the basketball at the high post free throw line can then try to beat his defender 1-on-1. If the perimeter player who received the down screen from the post does not receive the pass from the guard, he clears out to the opposite wing. At this point, all perimeter players are spaced out on the perimeter, leaving the post player on the block isolated. If the post player who has been established on the block receives a pass from a perimeter player, this will move the offensive attack into the low phase series.

Diagram 5-7 Diagram 5-8 When the post player sprints off of the rub screen that has been set by the guard, he will sprint hard to the ballside post and look to receive a pass from the dribbling guard. The first option for the side post is to drop-step and drive to the basket (Diagram 5-9). If this is not available, the side post can square up to the basket and use his 1-on-1 moves. If the rub screen was executed well, the side post defender trails the side post and is having to chase the side post.

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