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Color Your Own Toulouse-Lautrec Masterpieces by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

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By Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Thirty of the nice post-Impressionist's most renowned works — together with The Jockey; Jane Avril; and Moulin Rouge, l. a. Goulue — fill this assortment. Colorists can re-create or regulate with their very own colors masterpieces that catch full of life scenes from circuses, dance halls, nightclubs, racetracks, and different spectacles.

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I want to fight against hierarchy, demagogy, this source of power. Direct sculptures, in contrast to “altars,” “kiosks,” and “monuments,” are located in interiors, in exhibition spaces. Direct sculptures are in interiors because they are models. The direct sculpture is a physical result of a confrontation of two wills: the will that comes from below, the heart, and the will that comes from above, the power. One is the support, the other is the message. The two wills are condemned to exist together.

It had nothing to do with conviction. It was: me and the military. I recall my entire stint in the military as a very egoistic, egocentric, navel-gazing time. No questions or thoughts other than what concerned the tip of my own nose or the soles of my feet. It was a time of emptiness and isolation that was only intensified by external psychological and physical tests. With me these tests merely had the perverse consequence of further constricting the already constricted space in which I moved. All that mattered was to prove that one could do it!

23, October 2001, Paris, France. 44 Statements and Letters “Monuments” I try to make a new kind of monument. A precarious monument. A monument for a limited time. I make monuments for philosophers because they have something to say today. Philosophy can give us the courage to think, the pleasure of reflection. I like the strong meaning in philosophical writings and the questions about human existence. I like full-time thinking. I like philosophy, even when I don’t understand a third of its reflections.

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