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Commentaries on Living, 2nd Series by J. Krishnamurti

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By J. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti's crucial message is that to discover fact, we needs to transcend the boundaries of normal inspiration. In public talks around the globe, he strove to loose listeners from traditional ideals and mental mind-sets with a view to comprehend what's. the fundamental message of J. Krishnamurti, respected thinker and non secular instructor to thousands, demanding situations the bounds of standard suggestion. In talks and teachings to audiences around the world, he extricated his listeners from the tangled web of principles, organizational ideals and mental mind-sets and pointed them to the bliss of fact. within the ultimate quantity of this sequence, conversations with person seekers discover many themes, together with the cultivation of sensitivity, the matter of seek, the significance of swap, and "What is existence all about?"

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This search is called by various names, one of which is devotion; but to understand what is, the mind must be silent. ” The what is is that which is from moment to moment. To understand the whole process of your worship, of your devoÂ�tion to that which you call God, is the awareness of what is. But you do not desire to understand what is; for your escape from what is, which you call devotion, is a source of greater pleasure, and so illusion becomes of greater significance than reality. The understanding of what is does not depend upon thought, for thought itself is an escape.

In the street the water was almost knee deep, and it was well over the pavement. There was not a flutter among the leaves, and they too were silent in their surprise. A car passed by and then stalled, water having gotten into its essential parts. People were wading across the street, soaked to the skin, but they were enjoying this downpour. The garden beds were being washed out and the lawn was covered with several inches of brown water. A dark blue bird with fawn-�colored wings was trying to take shelter among the thick leaves, but it got wetter and wetter and shook itself so often.

We cease to use one another only when idea is not the motivating factor in relationship. With idea comes exploitaÂ�tion, and exploitation breeds antagonism. ” It is love, the only factor that can bring about a fundaÂ�mental revolution. Love is the only true revolution. But love is not an idea; it is when thought is not. Love is not a tool of propaganda; it is not something to be cultivated and shouted about from the house tops. Only when the flag, the belief, the leader, the idea as planned action, drop away, can there be love; and love is the only creative and constant revolution.

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