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Corel Draw X3 Graphics Suite: Programming Guide for VBA by Corel Corporation

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By Corel Corporation

Руководство по применению приложений VBA в среде CorelDraw X3. Официальное учебное издание Корпорации COREL©. visible easy For software (VBA) в CorelDRAW используется во всем мире как платформа для разработки мощных корпоративных графических решений, а также для расширения и оптимизации технологического процесса дизайнера в среде CorelDRAW.

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Objects do not need to be explicitly released. In most cases, Visual Basic releases the object when it disposes of the variable when you exit the function or sub. For detailed information on the CorelDRAW object model, see the Appendix. Referencing collections in macros Many objects are members of collections of objects. A collection is similar to an array, except that it contains objects rather than values. Despite this, members of collections can be accessed in the same way as arrays. For example, a collection that is used frequently in CorelDRAW is the collection of shapes on a layer: the object ActiveLayer references either the current layer or the layer that is selected in the CorelDRAW Object Manager docker.

The Pick tool’s icon is used for the cursor icon. ) The returned value is 0, 1, or 2, depending on whether the user successfully completes the click, the user cancels by pressing Escape, or the operation times out (respectively). The returned coordinates of the click are relative to the origin of the page and are in the document’s VBA units, so it is often necessary to explicitly set the units in which you want the value to be returned. SelectShapesAtPoint x, y, True The value indicates whether to select unfilled objects (True), or not (False).

Selecting a view then displays that location on the page. In VBA, the main differences between the Window object and the View object is that the Window object provides access to the windows that contain each View of the document. The Window is the frame, while the View is display of the document that’s inside it. Working with windows Each Document object has a Windows collection for viewing the document. NewWindow To close a window, call its Close member function. Close Working with views The Views and ActiveView members are, literally, views of the document.

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