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Crash course in Matlab by Driscoll

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By Driscoll

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1 How MEX files work MEX files work like alternatives to M-files. The name of a MEX file on the path can be invoked in MATLAB just like any other function. A MEX file is created by compiling code consisting of two main parts: a computational part, which is usually ordinary code, and a gateway section that knows how to exchange data with MATLAB. There are some major differences between MEX files and M-files: • Since they come from compiled and linked Fortran or C, MEX files are platform-dependent and need to be constructed in a separate step.

5) should try to keep calls to feval outside loops when possible, and this might require some vectorization. There are other contexts in which vectorization remains very natural, speed considerations aside. ˆ2) is plainer and shorter than a loop. 2): s = ones(1,101); for j = 1:100, s(j+1) = s(j) + 3ˆ(-j); end The “parallel” functions, like sum and diff, in Table 5 can make code more readable. The bottom line on loops in MATLAB seems to be: They should not be written casually. 3 on profiling tools).

Multiple strings can be stored as rows in an array. However, arrays have to have to be rectangular (have the same number of columns in each row), so strings may have to be padded with extra blanks at the end. The function str2mat does this. >> str2mat(’Goodbye’,’cruel’,’world’) ans = Goodbye cruel world >> size(ans) ans = 3 8 7 ADVANCED DATA STRUCTURES 44 There are lots of string handling functions. See help strfun. Here are a few: >> upper(str) ans = HELLO WORLD >> strcmp(str,’Hello world’) ans = 1 >> findstr(’world’,str) ans = 7 Formatted output For the best control over conversion of numbers to strings, use sprintf or (for direct output) fprintf.

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