Demosthenes: Statesman and Orator by Ian Worthington

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By Ian Worthington

Demosthenes is frequently adjudged the statesman par excellence, and his oratory as many of the most interesting to outlive from classical instances. modern politicians nonetheless quote him of their speeches and for a few he's the ideally suited instance of a patriot. This landmark research of this extraordinary guy and his lengthy occupation, the 1st to target him for greater than eighty years, seems on the heritage in the back of this acceptance and asks if it is actually deserved.

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He was to become the architect of the policy that established garrisons of Athenian mercenaries in the area of Thrace and the Hellespont, to shore up the weak kingdom of Cersebleptes against Philip. Aeschines was later to say that he did so without informing the Assembly, or at least that the Assembly never understood what was going on. 46 Demosthenes, of course, could not yet know all this; and in any case, Aristocrates’ decree went much too far in the special protection it proposed to give Charidemus: that anyone who killed him should be liable to extradition for trial in Athens from any of the cities allied with Athens in the Confederacy, and that any individual or city protecting such a man should without further ado be regarded as an enemy of Athens.

17, a reference to Philip’s sudden moves towards Thermopylae, the Chersonese and Olynthus (all obviously recent and about contemporary), to refer to this war of 349. Although the theory seems clearly untenable (the events belong to 353/2), the author’s eminence secured considerable success for it. Indeed, in Germany and to some extent beyond, it became the only recognized interpretation. It was the great merit of Jaeger, in a book in which there is otherwise little to praise,67 to have swung the German tradition back towards acceptance of Dionysius’ date, which now appears to be generally accepted.

We do not know who married the other daughter, but it may be presumed that she was similarly placed. J. G. , pp.

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