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Discover Physics by B. Crowell

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By B. Crowell

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What do you have to do to get a clear image again? Move the object closer and closer to the mirror, and keep going as far as you can with this setup. Is your image ↑↑ or ↑↓? Explain this observation with a ray diagram similar to figure e on page 45. E You’re in my light! Imagine — but don’t do it yet! — that with the setup from part D, you cover half of the mirror with your hand. What effect do you think this would have on the image? To make your prediction, use your ray diagram. prediction: Now try it.

They should all appear to have come from the same point, where you saw the image. laser Simulating one of the rays using the laser. 50 Chapter 3 Images Lab 3a: Images 51 Lab 3b: A Real Image Apparatus concave mirror and holder pointer illuminated object optical bench Goals Observe a real image formed by a curved mirror. Use your ray diagram to explain your observations. Don’t go on to the next part until you understand every single observation you’ve made. Ask your instructor for help if necessary.

A movie projector, an overhead projector, and the human eye all form real images. ) Self-check A Starting with the object distance shown in figure f, suppose we gradually move the object farther and farther away from the mirror. At some special object distance, the image changes from virtual to real. What do the reflected rays look like in this special case? Answer, p. 58 Self-check B Use the methods shown in figures d and e to determine whether the image in figure g is ↑↑ or ↑↓. Answer, p. 58 Self-check C The image in figure g is smaller than the original object.

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