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Disturbed Consciousness: New Essays on Psychopathology and by Rocco J. Gennaro

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By Rocco J. Gennaro

In Disturbed Consciousness, philosophers and different students study a variety of psychopathologies in gentle of particular philosophical theories of awareness. The contributing authors -- a few of them discussing or protecting their very own theoretical paintings -- contemplate not just how a idea of cognizance can account for a particular psychopathological but additionally how the features of a psychopathology could problem this sort of thought. hence one essay defends the higher-order idea (HOT) conception of realization opposed to the cost that it can't account for somatoparaphrenia (a fantasy within which one denies possession of a limb). one other essay argues that a variety of makes an attempt to provide an explanation for away such anomalies inside of subjective theories of attention fail.

Other essays reflect on such subject matters because the program of a version of unified recognition to instances of mind bisection and dissociative id sickness; prefrontal and parietal underconnectivity in autism and different psychopathologies; self-deception and the self-model idea of subjectivity; schizophrenia and the motor vehicle idea of awareness; and a shift in emphasis clear of an inner (or brainbound) method of psychopathology to an interactive one. every one essay deals a particular viewpoint from the intersection of philosophy, awareness examine, and psychiatry.

ContributorsAlexandre Billon, Andrew Brook, Paula Droege, Rocco J. Gennaro, Philip Gerrans, William Hirstein, Jakob Hohwy, Uriah Kriegel, Timothy Lane, Thomas Metzinger, Erik Myin, Inez Myin-Germeys, Myrto Mylopoulos, Gerard O'Brien, Jon Opie, J. Kevin O'Regan, Iuliia Pliushch, Robert Van Gulick

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The Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2 Jaspers’ Dilemma: The Psychopathological Challenge to Subjectivity Theories of Consciousness Alexandre Billon and Uriah Kriegel 1 Introduction According to what we will call subjectivity theories of consciousness, there is a constitutive connection between phenomenal consciousness and subjectivity: there is something it is like for a subject to have mental state M only if M is characterized by a certain mine-ness or for-me-ness.

New York: Oxford University Press. , and M. Broome. 2009. A role for ownership and authorship in the analysis of thought insertion. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 8:205–224. Brentano, F. 1874/1973. Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint. New York: Humanities Press. , and L. Bortolotti, eds. 2009. Psychiatry as Cognitive Neuroscience: Philosophical Perspectives. New York: Oxford University Press. Byrne, A. 2001. Intentionalism defended. Philosophical Review 110:199–240. Carruthers, P.

They all face the same twofold challenge. First of all, such responses must show that lack of subjectivity* can account for the phenomenological difference between alien states and nonalien states. They also need to show, however, that patients’ behavior suggests that their alien states are indeed subjective; this task is often neglected in the literature. When they do attend to this challenge, subjectivity* responses tend to argue as follows: (1) The patient acknowledges, or would acknowledge, that her alien state feels in her or in her mind; (2) Being in her (or her mind) entails being subjective in the sense relevant to SP; so, (3) The patient effectively acknowledges, or would acknowledge, that her alien state is subjective.

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