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Edouard Vuillard by Stuart Preston

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By Stuart Preston

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These daring proto-Fauve pictures directly reflect the teaching of "The Talisman" 46. 30 Photograph of Madame Vuillard shelling peas, 1905 and obey 47. MADAME ROUSSEL AND JACQUES ROUSSEL. 1903. Oil on cardboard, 42IX32I". Collection the Vuillard family, Paris 48. MODEL board, 23 IN THE STUDIO, c. 1906. Oil on X 34". Kimball Art Foundation, Fort Worth card- 31 Denis's dictum that a painting essentially a flat is surface covered with colors arranged in a certain order. Such theory rather experiments fascinating demonstrate than personal predilection, and no matter what he learned from them he never repeated anything way true them like —a after journey into significance of everyday Its he had discovered life of things" own mysterious poetic and of inanimate objects.

MODEL IN A BIG HAT. c. 23". Collection Mr. and Mrs. Albert 39. 1900. Oil Dreitt^er, MISIA(LADY WITH A HAT), 26X c. on canvas, 29 x New York 1900. Oil 3o|". Collection Mrs. Charles Goldman, on New York City panel, City women markable A of her generation. gifted pianist, cherished as a child by Liszt and a pupil of Faure, she became in later patron of the life and discriminating Renoir, Lautrec, Vuillard, and arts. Bonnard painted a practical portraits of her; Verlaine and Mal- larme wrote poems to her; she helped launch Diaghilev's Ballet Russe in France a power in Paris Vuillard among between 1890 and 1940.

A MEETING AT THE INSTITUTE. sea. temper on paper, mounted on canvas, 39I x 295". collection, 44 Paris Interiors 1937. DisPrivate lighted, and views of are now sumptuous and a pearly, silvery Paris. air from the brilhantly haze drapes his magical Color takes on a new refulgence and Vuillard, Symbolism behind him, becomes a late if not r'itjii^M the last Impressionist. Although permanently established in 1907 to a flat moving overlooking the Place Vintimille which he shared with life a in Paris, 'v mother, Vuillard was not in his He wholly sedentary person.

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