Essays in biography. New ed (The Norton Library) by John Maynard Keynes

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By John Maynard Keynes

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1 The World Crisis: the Aftermath. 62 ESSAYS IN BIOGRAPHY Mr. Churchill records In his preface what a number of important events in which he was personally concerned had utterly passed from his mind. " So with anyone who lived in the administrative flux. For me the quality of the Midland Railway breakfast marmalade served up in the Hotel Majestic has stuck faster than anything else; I know exactly what that experience was like. It is only for those who lived for months in the trenches or suffered some repetitive military routine, where one impression reinforced another, that the war can in memory be lived over again.

MR. LLOYD GEORGE A I FRAGMENT WROTE the preceding description of the Council of Four summer of 1919 immediately after my resignation as in the Treasury representative at the Peace Conference. Friends, to whom I showed it for criticism, pressed me to add a further passage concerning Mr. Lloyd George, and in an attempt to satisfy them I wrote what here follows. But I was not content with it, and I did not print it in The Economic Consequences of the Peace, where the chapter on "The Conference" appeared as it was originally written with no addendum.

Perhaps, after all, he might not have made a very successful business man too pessimistic to snatch present profits and too shortsighted to avoid future catastrophe. Mr. Bonar Law's inordinate respect for Success is noteworthy. He is capable of respecting even an intellectualist who turns out right. He admires self-made millionaires. He is not easily shocked by the methods employed by others to attain success. The great admiration in which he formerly held Mr. Lloyd George was largely based on the latter's success, and diminished proportionately when the success fell off.

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