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Experimenting with the quantum world by S T Lakshmikumar

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By S T Lakshmikumar

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1. At the crossover point, it is not possible to observe the two particles with indefinite accuracy. Thus the two scenarios shown in the inset (The two possible paths, 1 2 and 1 1) cannot be distinguished. This is the reason the term “identical particles” is employed in text books on quantum mechanics (There is nothing to distinguish between the two particles). Incidentally, when we consider a classical system, the particle can in fact be followed with unlimited accuracy and thus it is possible to distinguish the two paths.

1 sec while the shutter is open, if the required numbers of photons emerge from the aperture, they can be detected by the eye. If due to fluctuations, the number is smaller than the required limit, no observation of the light can be made. Aside from indicating that light consists of particles, these results provide an insight into the rate at which photons are emitted. In an ordinary light source, there is no reason for the emission of photons to be at a regular rate. Thus during a small interval of time, the number of photons emitted varies significantly.

These two have already been mentioned in the last chapter. Experiments performed to verify the wave nature of light used both ordinary lamps and a laser. Observing interference effects using ordinary light is difficult. It is necessary to subdivide light from a single source. In contrast, interference can be easily demonstrated using a laser and can even be observed using two independent laser sources (using special experimental methods). The “coherence time” of the ordinary source of light is much smaller than that for a laser.

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