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Finite Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social by TAN

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Within the market-leading FINITE arithmetic FOR THE MANAGERIAL, existence, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, Soo T. Tan offers a correct, available presentation of finite arithmetic mixed with simply the proper stability of functions, pedagogy, and expertise to assist scholars achieve the direction. the recent 8th version contains hugely attention-grabbing present purposes and Microsoft Excel workouts to assist stimulate scholar motivation. a thrilling new array of supplementations, together with iLrn educational and the Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM, presents scholars with vast studying help so teachers could have extra time to target educating the middle suggestions.

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Let x denote the time (in years) that has elapsed since the purchase date and let y denote the object s value (in dollars). Then, y ϭ 50,000 when x ϭ 0. Furthermore, the slope of the required equation is given by m ϭ 5000 since each unit increase in x (1 year) implies an increase of 5000 units (dollars) in y. Using Equation (5) with m ϭ 5000 and b ϭ 50,000, we obtain Solution y ϭ 5000x ϩ 50,000 Three years from the purchase date, the value of the object will be given by y ϭ 5000(3) ϩ 50,000 or $65,000.

The distance between city B and city C is d(B, C) ϭ œෆ (600 Ϫෆ 200)2 ෆ ϩ (320ෆ Ϫ 50)2ෆ ϭ œෆ 4002 ϩෆ 2702 Ϸ 483 or 483 mi. Therefore, the total distance the pilot would have to cover is 689 mi, so she must refuel in city B. 2 Straight Lines V ($) 100,000 (5, 30,000) 30,000 1 2 3 4 Years t 5 FIGURE 10 Linear depreciation of an asset y L (x1, y1) In computing income tax, business firms are allowed by law to depreciate certain assets such as buildings, machines, furniture, automobiles, and so on, over a period of time.

The graph of V ϭ Ϫ14,000t ϩ 100,000 is sketched in Figure 30. Linear Cost, Revenue, and Profit Functions Whether a business is a sole proprietorship or a large corporation, the owner or chief executive must constantly keep track of operating costs, revenue resulting from the sale of products or services, and perhaps most important, the profits realized. Three functions provide management with a measure of these quantities: the total cost function, the revenue function, and the profit function. Cost, Revenue, and Profit Functions Let x denote the number of units of a product manufactured or sold.

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