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Fishing Maine by Tom Seymour

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By Tom Seymour

80 of the easiest locations to fish, either clean- and saltwater.

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Page 18 How to Use This Guide The Species section will give you a solid working knowledge of Maine's various species of game fish. The more you know about the habits, habitats, favorite forage species, and biology of any fish species, the better your chance of being a successful angler. This basic information appears at the beginning of each species listing. The species section also provides a list of techniques used to fish for each species. This section is broken down according to the different types of tackle commonly used for these species.

The Fishing index is designed to impart the information you will need in order to be successful at any given site. If any special technique or method is recommended in addition to that contained in the technique and tackle sections of the Species descriptions, it will be noted. Best times to fish for certain species will be given as well as safety tips (for instance, some lakes are prone to high winds and unsafe boating conditions). The best times, as suggested here, are always subject to change because of unusual climatic conditions.

Shadow Warning When fishing a stream or brook, always keep the sun to your face, even if that means crossing the stream and fishing on the brush-filled side. If the sun is Page 17 at your back, you will cast shadows, alerting wary trout of your presence, and causing them to dart off and hide. Vibrations and Noise Despite what you might have heard, you can talk as loud as you want when fishing. You could hold a hog-calling contest on the banks of a pond and not bother the fish in the least. Underwater vibrations are another story.

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