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Fitter, Faster, Funnier Football by Michael Cox

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By Michael Cox

From extraordinary stories of triumph to really good evidence approximately footballers, this can be an informative, interactive and hilarious consultant to soccer - what it is all approximately and what made it what it truly is at the present time. full of humorous illustrations, inspirational principles and awesome actions, this can be a marvelous advisor to soccer previous and current.

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Your goals are mill stones. Set them three miles apart, each one in the river. Yes, you’re going to get wet. In fact, you may well end up playing your entire game in the river! Suggest to the local shopkeepers that they board up their windows as, come ‘kick-off’ things around the town, will be getting a bit lively. Kick off at two in the afternoon and continue playing until ten at night – yes, a mere eight hours! Start your game by appointing a ‘turner upper’, that’s the person who stands on the raised ‘plinth’ then lobs the ball towards the waiting mob, sorry the waiting players.

A delay of more than 13 seconds can unsettle the keeper (while a delay of more than two weeks will leave him clinically insane). Aim the ball for the top right or top left corner of the net. This is the most difficult shot for the goalkeeper to stop. Though the top left or top right corner shots may have a 100% strike rate, they’re very tricky to pull off and therefore you will be taking a bigger gamble if you try one. ”, then blast in the ball. SHOOTING, DEFENDING AND PASSING What do you know about these other essential soccer all-rounder skills?

Do you… a) accept the booking and apologise for your bad behaviour b) tell the referee you know where he lives c) pick up the ball and run off with it PART TWO: QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR KNOWlEDGE OF THE GAME What does a team’s captain wear to signify his role? a) an armband b) a really big hat with ‘THE BOSS’ written on it c) chain mail The horizontal bar across the top of the goal is known as… a) the cross bar b) the mainmast c) the juice bar When a player scores three goals in a match it is known as a… a) hat-trick b) circus trick c) hat stand The penalty area is also known as… a) the box b) the patio c) the vuvuzela The defender whose job it is to protect the space between the goalkeeper and the rest of the defence is known as… a) the sweeper b) the hairdresser c) Simon HOW DID YOU SCORE?

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