Flavius Josephus: Judean War 2 (Flavius Josephus: by Steve Mason

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By Steve Mason

Quantity 1b in "Brill's Josephus venture" includes "Book 2 of Josephus' Judean conflict" (translation and commentary). This e-book bargains with a interval of huge final result: from King Herod's demise (4 BCE) to the 1st section of the warfare opposed to Rome (66 CE). It covers: the succession fight, the governments of Herod's sons, Judea's incorporation as a Roman province, a few striking governors (including Pilate), Kings Agrippa I and II, the Judean philosophical faculties (featuring the Essenes), numerous insurgent events and the sicarii, tensions among Judeans and their neighbours, occasions major as much as the riot, the failed intervention of the Syrian legate Cestius Gallus, and arrangements for struggle in Judea and Galilee. The statement goals at a stability among historic and literary matters.

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52 Ant. 207, characteristically varying the language, has them seek a high priest who is “more concerned with the legal tradition” (νομιμώτερον) and who is pure (rather than “purer”). The point seems to be that these “revolutionaries” reject the use of the high priesthood as a patronage appointment in the king’s prerogative. 152-61). 53 Or “furious”: passive of παροξύνω, a favorite word in Josephus. Diodorus, the author who uses it next most often, has about 77 occurrences, over against only a few each in Thucydides and Polybius, somewhat more in the orators; Josephus has 112 occurrences: 46 in War 1-6 (not bk.

Significantly, this usage is not found in LXX, post-biblical Judean texts, or the gospels, though they refer often to the biblical festivals; it does occur in Nicolaus of Damascus (fr. 99 l. 89; 101 l. 77 [Müller]), as later in Plutarch (Luc. 1) and Herodian (Marc. 2). 65 That is, Unleavened Bread; see following note. Josephus, like the gospel writers, uses the adjective alone; since the Bible required all leaven to be removed Civil strife at Passover. Ant. 213 from one’s house (Exod 12:7, 19; 13:7; Deut 16:4), I opt for a literal translation, not restricting the object to bread.

209 confirms, that he was put in charge only while Archelaus was traveling abroad. 16. 399). Archelaus may have hoped to maintain or recover that function with his ancticipated accession to the throne. 16 (shortly below), we meet a procurator of Syria already in place, Sabinus, who has designs on Herod’s royal estates and property, and whose presence justifies Philip’s role as the protector of Archelaus’ property. Philip is not normally the procurator of Archelaus, but he has been left to fill that role against the mischief of Sabinus.

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