Four Body Fitness : Biofields & Bliss by Jasmuheen

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By Jasmuheen

With greater than forty years of customized metaphysical learn, Jasmuheen provides her 4 physique health application during this her seventeenth publication. BLISS is defined within the Oxford Dictionary as being: excellent pleasure or happiness; blessedness; being in heaven. If the Recipes & courses lined during this e-book are utilized we will all event entire success and concord on the earth. this can be neither New Age nor non secular dreaming; BIOFIELD BLISS is the result of holistic schooling according to RECIPE 2000> which contains the 4 physique health rules. 4 physique health: Biofields & Bliss is an easy, pragmatic handbook that's designed to carry us all right into a nation of either own and worldwide paradise. To be completed through the use of Biofield technology, the program bargains with environmental box keep watch over and will be utilized with speedy effects. Accepting metaphysical ideas and quantum mechanics, Biofield technological know-how is a bridge for all pathways in the world because it is the elemental arithmetic of attaining healthiness and lasting happiness.

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Remember the Biofield principle: ‘CHI CHARM NO HARM’ which means we use DOW POWER not brute force to co-exist in harmony. 53 Four Body Fitness : Biofields & Bliss Book 1 with Jasmuheen Bulgarian sage Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov placed great emphasis on silence saying: “Once you have tasted the gifts this silence brings, you will understand it. Silence is not simply a question of not fidgeting, not moving things about; it is a question of putting a stop to all discontent, to all the vague emotions that drift through one.

Of course, smuggling. Some families were found to have hoarded a 20 years supply – the appeal, of course, being the scarcity factor. In a PADU university study, advertisements for a novel were altered to the extent that half of the students were told it was for adults only, 21 years and over. The result was quite predictable. The students who had been told of the restricted nature of the novel wanted it a great deal more and believed they would like it a lot more than a book whose access was unlimited.

DOW POWER : The second use of meditation is for opening us up to DOW POWER: The best way to increase DOW POWER and tap into Its perfect guidance, is through being silent, tuning ourselves by breath, mantras and white light, and asking our DOW to reveal itself to us. Since we have free will, no guidance will be given to us unless it is requested. This is BIOFIELD SCIENCE law. If we do not ask we cannot receive. It has been an aspect of Western society for people to always seek answers from outside themselves – to look to parents, peers, churches or governments to dictate how we should live our lives.

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