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Giotto by Stefano Zuffi

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By Stefano Zuffi

Giotto di Bondone (1266/7 – January eight, 1337), referred to as Giotto, was once an Italian painter and architect from Florence within the overdue heart a while. he's as a rule thought of the 1st in a line of significant artists who contributed to the Italian Renaissance.

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Not far from Florence, in the Berenson Collection at Villa I Tatti in Settignano, there are two fine panels: a Deposition, part of a dismembered altarpiece, and a vigorous, juvenile Saint Anthony. Rome Assist The cycle of Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis, frescoed on the lower part of the walls of the upper basilica of San Francesco over the course of the last decade of the thirteenth century, is universally known. The question of other interventions by Giotto preceding and following the Life of Saint Francis is more deli- The hand of Giotto, at a time when he had only just cate.

Musei Civici, Padua. The shaped pane/ of medium state of conservation good and recently restored, belongs to the Tuscan tradition of the Madonna with a gilt background on a pentagonal panel. The solid volumes of Giotto's figures, deliberately related to geometrical solids, stand out within a throne of Gothic architecture, slender and elega n 1 7 n e ges tare of the two kneeling angels, supporting vases of flowers, is unusual. 44 45 46 47 31. Crucifix, c. 1310, pat/el, 430 X 303 cm. shown as already dead, and his features do not show Tempio Malatestiano, Rimini.

15. Joachim with the Shepherds, 1304-1306, fresco. Scrovegni Chapel, Padua. The sequence of the scenes begins from the end of the chapel at the top of the left-hand wall. Giotto uses the landscape to intensify the psychological They comprise a very vivid effect series of symbolic figures, characters. In this case the of the situations of the freed from the traditional rugged background canons of art and based solitude of the sturdy masses on visual imparl. of the three figures. stresses the 30 Joachim's Dream, 1304-1306, fresco.

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