Greek Homosexuality: Updated and with a new Postscript by K. J. Dover

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By K. J. Dover

To what quantity and in what methods was once homosexuality authorized by means of the traditional Greeks? An eminent classicist examines the evidence--vase work, archaic and classical poetry, the dialogues of Plato, speeches within the legislations courts, the comedies of Aristophanes--and reaches provocative conclusions. A dialogue of woman homosexuality is incorporated.

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The laws laid down that because of his shameful life he should not address the assembly; in saying that, they issued a command, in my judgment, by no means difficult to comply with, but extremely easy. ), let him not be permitted to ... hold any office ever ... or to deliver an opinion in council or assembly ... ' And if anyone acts contrary to these (sc. ) and imposed the greatest penalties. §32: These, then, he (sc. the legislator) debars from the rostrum, these he forbids to speak in the assembly.

On the poems which they say I have composed, I admit to the poems, but I deny that they have the character with which my opponents will, by distortion, invest them. ] lxi 1indicates that encomia recited by an erastes might be more productive of embarrassment (aiskhune, 'shame') than of honour to such a boy. He distinguishes (unlike the comic poets ;cf. ) between prostitution and another kind of erotic relationship in which he declares that he himself is a participant. §133, two-thirds of the way through the speech, is the first moment at which we hear the word eros; hitherto everything has been treated in terms of prostitution, with one mention (§57) of 'desire'.

34 //The Prosecution of Timarkhos anachronisms in speaking of 'the laws of Solon' in cases in which we would say more cautiously 'Athenian law'. The law must antedate 424, since Ar. Knights 876-880 is a clear reference to a successful prosecution under it. Once the law had been made, homosexual prostitution will naturally have become the special preserve of foreigners. A foreigner at Athens was regarded as being of lower worth than a citizen, so that any event which adversely affected the prosperity or character of a foreigner was less important than it would have been if it hatl adversely affected a citizen in the same way and to the same extent.

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