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Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, Second Edition by Tyler G. Hicks

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By Tyler G. Hicks

Manage daily calculations immediately and accurately-saving you time within the layout, building, and upkeep of every kind of structures

Covering all points of civil engineering calculations in an easy-to-understand structure, the hot variation of the Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations is now revised and up to date with over 500 key calculations that express you precisely the best way to compute the specified values for a specific design-going speedy from information to accomplished end result.

Using either established and SI devices, this accomplished engineer's must-have source is strictly what you want to clear up the civil engineering difficulties that come your manner. From structural metal to strengthened concrete, from bridges and dams to highways and roads, Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, 2e, allows you to deal with all of those layout calculations quickly-and extra importantly, safely.


  • Updated calculation systems utilizing the most recent appropriate layout codes for everything-from structural metal to strengthened concrete, from water provide to highways, freeways, roads, and extra
  • A wealth of latest illustrated calculation tactics to supply greater counsel for the layout engineer
  • New civil-engineering facts on “green” structures and their layout, larger qualifying them for LEED (Leadership in strength and Environmental layout) ratings

Inside This state of the art Engineering Calculations Guide-

Structural metal Engineering and layout • bolstered and Prestressed Concrete Engineering and layout • bushes Engineering • Soil Mechanics • Surveying, direction layout, and street Bridges • Fluid Mechanic, Pumps, Piping, and Hydro energy • Water offer

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6. 73. ANALYSIS OF A SIMPLE SPACE TRUSS In the space truss shown in Fig. 11a, A lies in the xy plane, B and C lie on the z axis, and D lies on the x axis. A horizontal load of 4000 lb (17,792 N) lying in the xy plane is applied at A. Determine the force induced in each member by applying the method of joints, and verify the results by taking moments with respect to convenient axes. Calculation Procedure: 1. Determine the projected length of members Let dx, dy, and dz denote the length of a member as projected on the x, y, and x axes, respectively.

In. in. 0 kPa). 3. Continue the construction Draw line GH to intersect the base line at C. 4. Construct Mohr’s circle Draw a circle having GH as diameter, intersecting the base line at A and B. Then lines OA and OB represent the principal stresses. 34 STRUCTURAL STEEL ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 5. in. in. 1 kPa). Both stresses are tension. 6. Determine the stress angle Scale angle BCG and measure it as 48°22Ј. The angle between the x axis, on which the maximum stress exists, and the side AD of the prism is one-half of BCG.

13,790 kPa) as shown in Fig. 22. Determine the hoop stress at the inner and outer surfaces of the cylinder. Calculation Procedure: 1. in. in. (kPa); r1 ϭ internal radius, in. (mm); r2 ϭ external radius, in. in. (kPa). in. 5kPa) tension. 2. Compute the hoop stress at the outer cylinder surface Use the relation s0 ϭ [2p1r12 Ϫ p2(r12 ϩ r22)]/(r22 Ϫ r12), where the symbols are as before. in. 5-kPa) tension. 36 STRUCTURAL STEEL ENGINEERING AND DESIGN FIGURE 22. Thick-walled cylinder under internal and external pressure.

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