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Hegel by Raymond Plant

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By Raymond Plant

A brief e-book combining extracts from the paintings of 1 of the world's maximum thinkers with observation from one in all Britain's such a lot unusual writers on philosophy.

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A subjective religion on the other hand, because it involves the totality of the human powers, can promote both inner harmony and social morality. At this stage, however, the whole conception of subjective religion is left rather vague and is subsumed into that of folk religion, the religion of the people or the nation. The distinction between private and folk religion is basically the distinction between what Hegel takes to be the central features of the religious life of the Greeks and contemporary Christian practice.

VoL VI. , op. , p. 333 : The community bas need of a God who is the God of the community, in whom there is manifested just that exclusive love which is the community's character and the tie between one member and another; this must be mani­ fested in God not as a personification of a subjective entity for in such a personification the worshipper would become c:onsc:ious of a cleavage between the subjec:tive entity and its objective manifestation. It is this cleavage, Hegel argues, which bas destroyed community.

44 P O L lt RB L I G I O N AND P O L I T I CAL A N A L Y S I S 'Das Leben Jesu', Hegel begins to move from a totally religious analysis of the c:omemporary malaise to mx which unites his religious pre­ occupations with an analysis in wholly secular terms of German sOcial and political conditions. He does not disregard religion but appears to begin to take more seriously the implication of his comment in Tiibinge:n that : .... 1 • • • In a sense therefore 'Das Leben Jesu' was outmoded almost as soon as it was written in that it seemed to presuppose that a folk religion could be seen as the total solution to the problem.

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