Helicopter Crew Chief by Wil Mara

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By Wil Mara

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Do you have what it takes to become a helicopter crew chief? 21st Century Skills Library C o o l M i l i ta r y C a r e e r s Helicopter crew chief Glossary blades (BLAYDZ) the flat, paddle-shaped arms of a helicopter’s propeller color perception (KUHL-ur pur-SEP-shuhn) the ability to see colors engineers (en-juh-NEERZ) people who design and build machines or large structures hover (HUHV-ur) to remain in one place in the air interrogation (in-ter-uh-GAY-shuhn) the questioning of someone in an attempt to gain information postflight check (POST-flite CHEK) an inspection of a helicopter after it returns from a flight preflight check (PREE-flite CHEK) an inspection of a helicopter before it takes off for a flight rank (RANGK) an official job level or position reconnaissance (ri-KON-uh-zuhnts) a survey of an area to gather information security clearance (si-KYOOR-uh-tee KLIR-unts) the status of a person in regard to how much access to secret information they are allowed tarmac (TAR-mac) and land the area of an airfield where aircraft take off For More Information Books Abramovitz, Melissa.

Many private businesses hire people with military experience. They know that a former soldier has not only professional skills but also valuable personal traits, such as discipline and an appreciation for the importance of hard work. The technology used in military helicopters is constantly evolving and improving. This is absolutely necessary if our armed forces are to be the best in the world. As a result, the military is always in need of good people. A helicopter crew chief plays an important role, bravely helping to ensure the safety of the nation.

S. Marine helicopter crew chief, with quotes from people who perform that job. com Find out more about different jobs in the military, job requirements, branches of the armed forces, and schooling. com Check out this site for advice about choosing a military career and for current information on recent trends and developments in all branches of the armed forces. 21st Century Skills Library C o o l M i l i ta r y C a r e e r s Helicopter crew chief index Apache helicopter, 19 basic training, 14 benefits, 25–26 Blackhawk helicopter, 19 branches, 10–11 checklists, 20, 22 civilian careers, 28 color perception, 14 damage, 22 da Vinci, Leonardo, 6–7 demand, 24–25, 28 Edison, Thomas, 7 education, 25 emergencies, 17, 21, 22 engineers, 12 enlisted personnel, 14, 28 enlistment, 10–11 helicopters, 5, 6–7, 8, 15, 16–17, 19, 20–21, 21–22, 25, 28 interrogation, 17 mechanics, 16–17 missions, 4–5, 8, 19, 21–22 paperwork, 20, 22 pilots, 5, 20–21, 21–22 postflight checks, 22 preflight checks, 20 rank, 14, 28 reconnaissance, 19 requirements, 11, 14, 17 retirement, 26 security clearance, 17 Sikorsky X2 helicopter, 25 skills, 7, 12, 16–17, 19, 25, 28 survival training, 17 swimming, 17 takeoffs, 21 tarmac, 5 teams, 5, 7, 8, 11, 20, 21, 22 tests, 8, 11–12, 17, 20, 22 training, 14, 15, 25 weapons, 5, 8, 19, 22 World War II, 7 salaries, 26, 28 salutes, 21 about the author Wil Mara is the award-winning author of more than 120 books, many of which are educational titles for young readers.

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