Hiking Wyoming by Bill Hunger

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By Bill Hunger

The one publication for hikers that covers the total country comprises 25 new hikes for a complete of a hundred.

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They can be found in every Forest and Park Service handout and in every hiking book. But as we enter the twenty-first century, there's an added factor. " This often translates into cleaning up somebody else's mess. If you feel like showing appreciation to the wild country that gives you so much, it's easy to acquire and practice this caring attitude. Sanitation The Forest Service recommends that you do your "duty" at least 100 feet from any water source, trail, or campsite, but that's not far enough in my opinion.

A horse pack train can rototill out a new trail in a day's time, and it often looks more traveled than the original and official path. And more often than not these days the overseeing land agency, facing massive and disproportionate recreational budget cuts, has no ability to send maintenance crews into every area. Many trails are now "maintained" by horse packers and other volunteer groups. The overseeing agency may not even have the manpower to know what is currently happening on sections of their more unpopulated trails.

But I've noticed that hikers who read standard checklists often are ignorant of the importance of why certain items are included in these lists. This particular safety list is presented from an EMT-trained wilderness ranger's perspective, and it offers you some of the more common emergencies and blunders that a minimal amount of preparedness would have eliminated or at least mitigated. In simple terms, there are several principlesall equally importantthat should be an automatic part of every hiker's internal repertoire.

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