How to Get Through the Working Day... Without Actually Doing by Jessica Barrah

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By Jessica Barrah

The slacker's guide to skiving... contains slacker slogans and a quiz to judge your skiving power. pass on - happen, log in, slack off.

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Pmd 43 19/02/2006, 19:35 HOW TO GET THROUGH THE WORKING DAY... Take a tip from big business. Cultivate links with countries such as Poland, or India, where the workers seem to be happy to be paid peanuts. Whilst on holiday in economically-developing countries, make friends with anyone geekylooking, in the hope that they have internet access and the potential to do your job more diligently than you would yourself, for a fraction of the cost. WITHOUT ACTUALLY DOING ANY WORK New Labour: Exploitation of Temporary Staff An even better (and cheaper) prospect is the wealth of free labour already available to you in your office: new temps, who are often recent graduates, looking for a permanent job.

Temps often don’t have enough work to do, or the work they do have is excruciatingly boring. e. your total workload. They’ll be so excited about not unstapling a pile of documents, making three copies of each, and stapling them back together, that they’ll willingly help you out. WITHOUT ACTUALLY DOING ANY WORK HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE It may be useful to have friends in high places, but don’t discount the basement – friends in low positions can be even more useful, especially when they are in charge of printing stuff, or if you are trying to get away with sending heavy Christmas parcels to friends in Australia.

WITHOUT ACTUALLY DOING ANY WORK prefer to have a fag break with Keith Richards or enjoy an organic Fairtrade herbal tea with Chris Martin from Coldplay? As a smoker, or a faux smoker, you will get to meet a wide variety of interesting folk with incipient lung cancer: people you wouldn’t usually get to meet in your cliquey little subsection of a department; people who might be useful to you. Nicotine addiction cuts across social and hierarchical divides. pmd 63 19/02/2006, 19:35 HOW TO GET THROUGH THE WORKING DAY...

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