Josephus: The Jewish War, Books IV-VII (Loeb Classical by H. St. J. (English Trans.) Josephus; Thackeray

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By H. St. J. (English Trans.) Josephus; Thackeray

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Av conj. : TToXe/jLov Vita 46, eKTrep^irei trot' Lat. ei> iroXe/xiov B. ii. 421, 556, with note a on El-Jish, in the north of GaUlee. , ^ 26 irrl § fxoipa 2 above. JEWISH WAR. IV. 81-87 these were nieces, on the mother's side, of PbiUp. " They owed their escape to their ha\'ing concealed themselves at for at that the time of the capture of the town moment the rage of the Romans was such that they spared not even infants, but time after time snatched up numbers of them and slung them from the citadel.

JEWISH WAR. IV. 131-137 Between the enthusiasts for war and of peace contention raged fiercely. Beginning in the home this party rivahy first attacked those who had long been bosom friends then the nearest relations severed their connexions and joining those who shared their respective views ranged themselves henceforth in opposite camps. Faction reigned everywhere and the revolutionary and militant party overpowered by their youth and recklessness the old and prudent. The various cliques began by pillaging their neighbours, then banding together in companies they carried their depredations throughout the country insomuch that in cruelty and lawlessness the sufferers found no difference between compatriots and Romans, indeed to be captured by the latter seemed to the unfortunate victims far the hghter fate.

CruvoSots" eiTiqyeipov rot? t^iqXojTals' tovto yap avTovs eKaXecrav cLs e-rr* dyadoZs iiriT'qhevpaGiv dXX T afxaXiT^Xov lt>('j yap Acat YojpiojV Hvfiecov, , , ovx^^ /^rjXojcravTeg VTrep^aXXofievoL 162 Kat (lO) eKKXrjOLav KaTaXr^ipeL TTJ rots' ^rjXaj-ds ^ dW avveXdovTos tov ttXtjOovs dyavaKTOvvTcov pkv irri dprrayals Kal dyiojv tcov to) OVTTO) L Lat. rats' §€ Te TTpO? 6vg€7tl)(€lptJtov£, VTToXapi^dveiv , ovxi [/cat]"^ els TravTCov 7T€(f)OV€Vfl€VOLg , ojpprjfjLevajv KaKiGTa tcov epycov . h-q Kal to.

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