Knit to Flatter The Only Instructions You'll Ever Need to by Amy Herzog

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By Amy Herzog

Knit to Flatter предназначена для тех, кто хочет вязать свитера, которые будут делают нас красивыми и здоровыми. Каждая вязальщица, вяжущая свитера, должна иметь эту книгу.

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Книга по вязанию. Капюшоны, и воротники, изящные кружевные воротники. Эта коллекция из 25 трикотажных проектов является исключительным украшением шеи и плеч. Есть романтическая capelets, смелый вырез и высокие капоты, которые обрамляют лицо и одеваются на голову или как драпировка элегантно при нажатии вниз.

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Wash and block flat. v=NW7Un1gXRmc The work on the back should look as nice as the work on the front: CHART A (Next page) Perhaps you’d like to start with a smaller “lace” project. The Hermitage: The Mitts was inspired by a picture I saw of a room in the world-famous Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia. When I saw pictures of those beautiful light blue walls accented by other blues and ornamented with gold accents, I knew I had to design from it. (See Fig. ) The room looks like lace. It bespeaks a stately elegance.

We can create the feeling ourselves by making a colorwork baby wrap. Worked in the round like the others, this piece is lined in fleece for warmth as well as to prevent tiny fingers and toes from getting caught in the stranded floats. Use the colors shown in the pattern, or change them up to suit your personal taste. Anyway you knit this blanket, you knit love. Sweet He rts Baby Wrap© Size: Approx. 5 yds of white fleece for backing, if desired Abbreviations: M1 = Make a st in st just knitted. PM = Place marker.

I heard a real horror story of a knitter who worked an entire colorwork sweater and then, when cutting her steek, cut through both layers of her sweater, completely ruining it. That’s really terrible, but it isn’t life or death, and it’s about the worst thing that could happen. Lesson vicariously learned! If you are careful to separate your front and back (by placing the tube over an ironing board end, for example), you will eliminate the risk of cutting through both layers of your piece. Once you try steeking, you will see the advantages of wasting a few extra knitted stitches over working a piece flat and trying to keep track of the pattern on purl rows.

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