Knitting for Peace: Make the World a Better Place One Stitch by Betty Christiansen

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By Betty Christiansen

All throughout the USA, individuals are knitting for peace. In yarn outlets and personal houses, church buildings and synagogues, faculties or even prisons, they meet on weekday evenings or weekend afternoons to knit afghans for refugees, mittens for the homeless, socks for infantrymen, or preemie caps for AIDS infants. The culture is going again so far as Martha Washington, who spearheaded knitting efforts for the warriors of the innovative battle, and has visible a up to date flourishing in what's these days known as “charity knitting,” “community knitting,” or “knitting for others.” And even if it’s for international peace, neighborhood peace, or peace of brain, today’s numerous factors have the typical aim of knitting the realm right into a larger position one sew at a time.

Knitting for Peace is an outstanding e-book that celebrates the lengthy historical past of knitting for others. It tells the tales of 28 modern knitting-for-peace endeavors, and lines styles for easy-to-knit charity tasks resembling hats, socks, blankets, and bears, plus a messenger bag emblazoned with the Knitting for Peace emblem. Enlivened through anecdotal sidebars and quotations from either knitters and peacemakers, this inspiring publication additionally comprises every thing readers want to know to begin their very own knitting-for-peace teams.

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