Knitting It Old School: 43 Vintage Inspired Designs by Stitchy McYarnpants,Caro Sheridan

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By Stitchy McYarnpants,Caro Sheridan

Now, retro-minded crafters get the easiest of either worlds during this certain assortment. Drawing from the style developments of the 40's during the 70s, Knitting it old style bargains a daring new twist on vintage-inspired knitting patterns.* classic styles characteristic newly created designs that go with todays determine and use modern yarns* enjoyable, wearable styles that echo kinds of days passed by* 4 bonus stitching styles to whip up complimentary vintage-themed add-ons.

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Книга по вязанию. Капюшоны, и воротники, изящные кружевные воротники. Эта коллекция из 25 трикотажных проектов является исключительным украшением шеи и плеч. Есть романтическая capelets, смелый вырез и высокие капоты, которые обрамляют лицо и одеваются на голову или как драпировка элегантно при нажатии вниз.

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Gently pull the ends down until the loop tightens (B). GARTER STITCH SCARF The first project most knitters make is a simple garter stitch scarf. To make this scarf you’ll be using a heavier weight yarn than what you use on the practice swatch. The heavier yarn will allow you to complete the scarf more quickly than if you were using worsted weight, and it’s a good idea to start exploring different weights and types of yarn as soon as you feel comfortable with the basic knit stitch. The yarn should be smooth in texture and a medium value solid color.

Row 19: K6, [sm, p12, k12] 5 times, sm, p12, sm, k6. Row 20: K6, [sm, k12, p12] 5 times, sm, k12, sm, k6. Rows 21 to 36: Repeat rows 19 and 20 eight more times. 4 Continue knitting until 11 sets of blocks are completed. You can now see how the two groups of 18 rows (36 rows total) form two sets of blocks made from contrasting stockinette stitch and reverse stockinet stitch. The 36-row repeat is worked four more times and then the first 18 rows are repeated once. Rows 37 to 180: Repeat rows 1 to 36 four more times.

HANDY EXTRAS As you progress with your knitting skill you’ll find that you have more information to keep track of, which is where a row counter, calculator, and notebook come in handy. Stitch holders, cable needles, straight pins, and crochet hooks in multiple sizes are also useful tools. skills and useful information TERMS Take a moment to familiarize yourself with some common terms and definitions. Casting on refers to the way stitches are first put on the needle. Think of this first row as the foundation for your knitting.

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