Lost in the Yellowstone: Truman Everts's thirty-seven days by Truman Everts

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By Truman Everts

Western background The wonderful actual event of the single individual recognized to have survived goodbye whereas misplaced in Yellowstone desolate tract. whilst Truman Evert visited the Yellowstone quarter in 1870, the Yellowstone belonged to fable. Scattered studies of a typically unexplored desert choked with traditional wonders stuck the public’s—and Evert’s—attention. even though fifty-four, nearsighted, and an green woodsman, he joined the day trip decided to map and examine the mysterious Yellowstone. Separated from his social gathering, and then deserted via his horse, Evert launched into probably the most grueling survival adventures recorded at the American frontier. For thirty-seven days he wandered Yellowstone by myself, injured, and with no nutrition retailer that which he might scrape from an unfriendly land. Truman Evert’s tale manifests the traits we go along with the nice explorers: patience, selection, inventiveness, and braveness within the face of unendurable problem. misplaced within the Yellowstone is an proposal, and a testomony to at least one man’s will to outlive.

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C. Doane, "Report of Lieutenant Gustavus C. , 3rd Sess, Sen. Ex. Doc. No. 51, 1873, p. 23; Cornelius Hedges, "Journal of Judge Cornelius Hedges," Contributions to the Historical Society of Montana 5 (1904):386; Brian Cockhill, "The Quest of Warren Gillette," Montana Magazine of Western History 22 (Summer, 1972):24. The Doane journal is published in Orrin and Lorraine Bonney's Battle Drums and Geysers (Chicago: Swallow Press, 1970). ' Having myself been one of the party members who participated in many of the pleasures, and suffered all the perils of that expedition, I can not only bear testimony to the fidelity of the narrative, but probably add some facts of experience which will not detract from the general interest it thus excited.

I wonder if he killed his mare. I would do it and dry the meat, so I could pack enough on my back to carry me to the settlements. It is all conjecture as to the way he went. Some [of the party] think by Snake River, some back, others and nearly all, myself included, think he has turned to the Madison and made for Virginia City. I fear he is still wandering in the Mountains bewildered. It seems useless to search, but more effort must be made. Gillette in Cockhill, p. 26. On the sixteenth, the party moved around the lakeshore, five miles per Gillette, to a camp at present West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Page 12 little incident quite unmanned me. The transition from joy to grief brought with it a terrible consciousness of the horrors of my condition. But night was fast approaching, and darkness would come with it. While looking for a spot where I might repose in safety, my attention was attracted to a small green plant of so lively a hue as to form a striking contrast with the deep pine foliage. For closer examination I pulled it up by the root, which was long and tapering, not unlike a radish.

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