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Manet, 1832-1883 by Francoise Cachin, Charles Moffett

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By Francoise Cachin, Charles Moffett

Indicates hundreds of thousands of the French artists work, drawings, watercolors, and prints, and describes the heritage of every paintings.

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The fact that the print medium was thus perceived, as endowed with independent aesthetic value, led to investigation of the expressive, signifying power of graphic "rhetoric," formerlv thought of as mere technical subtletv': attention to different states, different inkings, different papers. This meant the marshaling of new criteria of appreciation that would define the print as an art form. The criteria themselves were not new, but at the time Manet applied them, they were just becoming decisive in the recruitment and education of a printcollecting public.

219. 5 X 91cm) 44 Oil Signed and dated (upper Musee d'Orsay what a M. was Berlin: masterpiece that portrait period ... I left): edouard Manet 1860 du Jeu de Paume), Paris Antonin Proust reports a remark by Manet on Ingres's "Old man Bertin was typical of the 1830 bourgeoisie In his recollections, Portrait of (Galeries is! M. "^ Manet a type," in the portrait of his parents, a couple exemplifying the austere grande bourgeoisie of the Sec- ond Empire. It is at once the image of and the depiction of a sedignity on the father and a a social type vere intimacy, in which time has laid a stern serene melancholy on the mother.

7. Lagrange 1861, p. 52. Blanche 1912, p. 153. 8. Fried 1969, pp. 45-46, 9. Reff 1969, pp. 42, 48 n. 6. — I 7. Sfs amis, Paris 1946, p. 295. 12. New J. York, Pierpont Manet I — 10. Ten Doesschate Chu 1975, p. 43. n. Paul Gauguin, Lettres de Gauguin a so femme 13. Twenty-two years later, the painting scorned at the Salon of 1861 seemed almost classic, but the name of Manet still had an odor of brimstone; Gauguin, writing from the South Seas, reminisced in a letter of August 1899 about the Portraits of the Century show he had seen in 1883: "At the time of the exhibition, went with a man who didn't like Manet, Renoir, and the Impressionists; this portrait IRenoir's }eanue Samary] put him in a rage.

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